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Dive deeper, explore further. Discover what sets a good diver watch apart from the rest.

Rotating Bezel

A unidirectional rotating bezel is crucial for tracking elapsed time underwater. It allows divers to monitor their dive duration accurately and manage decompression times effectively.

Durable Lens

The crystal, typically made of sapphire, should be scratch-resistant and able to withstand the rigours of diving.


Safety and peace of mind are paramount, which is why our stainless steel bracelet features a robust safety lock mechanism. This adds an extra layer of protection, preventing accidental openings and ensuring your watch stays securely fastened during your activity.


Often coated with materials like Super-LumiNova, enhance visibility in dark environments. They enable divers to read the time and important indicators, such as the bezel markings or hands, even in limited visibility.

Helium Release Valve (HRV)

An HRV is a feature found in professional-grade diving watches designed for saturation diving. It allows the safe release of built-up helium gas that may enter the watch during prolonged stays in pressurized environments.

Screw-Down Crown

A screw-down crown provides an additional layer of water resistance by sealing the watch's case. It prevents water from entering the watch during diving and maintains its integrity in high-pressure conditions.

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