Spinnaker is proud to introduce the latest addition to its iconic Bradner collection, the Bradner GMT Automatic. This remarkable timepiece combines the timeless style of the Bradner collection with the functional excellence of GMT functionality, ensuring precision in tracking up to 3 time zones.

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Time Zone 1
The normal time read off by the main hour and minute hands.

Time Zone 2
By setting the independent GMT hand, you can read off a second time zone.

Time Zone 3
By turning the bezel that operates the 24-hour ring you can align the third time zone.

Precision Across Time Zones

Versatile and Dynamic

In the Press

Redefines convenience, style, and functionality.

A great price for a practical tool watch.

The latest Spinnaker Bradner GMTs should be on your radar.

Clever use of a GMT dial and rotating bezel.