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Q&A With Chile Womans 49'er Sailing Team

Q&A With Chile Womans 49'er Sailing Team

For how long have each of you been sailing for?

So we started sailing in optimist e youth class, Begoña when she was six and Arantza when she was eight.

When did you start racing together as a team?

We started sailing together in 420 together ten years ago, since then we sailed big boats and the family regatta boat, J105. We always wanted to sail togetherin an Olympic class so when the 49er FX was confirmed in Rio 2016 we knew we have to jump in together on this Olympic journey, this was two years ago. 

As team Gumucio , what have been your greatest accomplishments?

For us,our greatest accomplishments is to be sailing in Rio 2016, participate in an Olympic Games is a great honor an opportunity. We also qualified for the Panamericans Games and finished in fifth place. 

How much work goes into sailing "off season" compared to "on season"?

We are sailing almost all the year off season - i think is the hardest time, lots of training in every condition every day. Sailing in Regattas is mostly dynamic and exciting so you are looking forward to it.

Do you have a dietary shift during from off to on season?

We really enjoy cooking and eating healthy so we tried to do it all year, we try to aviod gluten and eat lots of vegetables. 

What sports or training routines do you perform on land that help you excel on the water?

More than a specific sport is training hard at the gym to get fitter and stronger!

What have been some of the most challenging times/competitions for you two as a team?

Every regatta is really special, for conditions Rio is challenging lots of wind shifts and currents changing. Last year test event was difficult for us as we didn't have the best boat and struggled to keep the level.

What are your favorite Spinnaker Watches & why?

We like all the Spinnaker Watches, every one is special, it depends on the ocassion for a casual day we love the Nantucket. For the night or special day i love to wear my white Helium, when we take off our wetsuit and dressed up the Cronograph is a must!!

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