Spinnaker proudly announces the launch of new colors for its esteemed Fleuss GMT Automatic collection. Set sail on a journey through vibrant nautical hues, inspired by the endless expanse of the ocean and the spirit of seafaring exploration.

Nebula Blue

Dive into Cosmic Depths with Nebula Blue

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Dull Violet

Chase Twilight with Dull Violet

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Deep Blue

Explore Oceanic Depths with Deep Blue

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Burnt Orange

Ignite Your Journey with Burnt Orange

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Sandstorm Brown

Discover Coastal Treasures with Sandstorm Brown

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1 Dial, 3 Time Zones

With a unique combination of a rotating bezel and GMT movement, you can effortlessly track three time zones simultaneously.

Time Zone 1 - Hour Hand

The normal time read off by the main hour and minute hands.

Time Zone 2 - GMT Hand

By setting the independent GMT hand, you can read off a 2nd time zone.

Time Zone 3 - Bezel

By turning the bezel that operates the 24-hour ring you can align the 3rd time zone.

Crafted for Seafaring Souls 

True to Spinnaker's legacy of excellence, each timepiece in the Fleuss GMT Automatic collection is meticulously crafted for durability and precision. Powered by a Japanese Automatic GMT movement, these watches are designed to withstand the rigors of maritime exploration, ensuring reliable performance in any setting.

A Captivating Palette 

Nebula Blue reflects the cosmic allure of starlit nights at sea, while Dull Violet conjures visions of twilight on the horizon. Deep Blue captures the mystique of the ocean's abyss, while Burnt Orange ignites memories of fiery sunsets on the open water. Finally, Sandstorm Brown evokes the rugged beauty of coastal landscapes, where land meets sea in a harmonious union.

As Seen In

Take A Nostalgic Dive into Time With the Fleuss GMT Automatic

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